Multi-Information Display (MID)

Multi-Information Display

The Multi-Information Display (MID), located inside the tachometer, has a variety of functions:

  • Provides driver feedback information for the Eco Assist system
  • Serves as the display screen for the trip computer
  • Provides warning information regarding maintenance or other areas of concern
  • Serves as the display for the Maintenance Minder™ system
  • Operates as a guide to assist you when adjusting personal settings
  • Provides information for the Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® system (EX with navigation)
Multi-Information Display

You can easily switch from one display to another with a set of controls mounted on the steering wheel. On the LX, these controls are located on the steering wheel’s right spoke. On the EX, the buttons are located below the right spoke. In both cases, controls allow you to rotate up or down through the various displays, and a SEL/RESET control enables you to reset the trip computer and select personal setting menu items.

Ecological Drive Display

Ongoing driving efficiency information includes the Ecological Drive Display, fuel economy history, real-time and trip average MPG readings, as well as energy flow display. The MID also shows your Eco Score and acknowledges when you have switched the ECON mode on or off. More information on these displays is available in the Ecological Drive Display video.

Trip Computer

Useful trip computer information includes:

  • Mileage remaining based on current fuel consumption
  • Elapsed driving time since the MID was last reset
  • Average speed since the MID was last reset
  • A and B trip meters that can be accessed using the SEL/RESET button

The A and B trip meters, along with an outside temperature reading, appear on the lower portion of the screen, where they remain even when the upper screen changes. When you press the SEL/RESET button, it scrolls through the odometer, each trip meter, and engine oil life. To reset a trip meter, press and hold the SEL/RESET button until the number resets to "0.0." When you reset the A trip meter, average fuel economy for trip A is reset, and the same applies to trip B. In customization mode, you can set Trip A to automatically reset whenever you refuel.

Alert Screens

Warning screens appear when prompted by any one of a variety of sensors throughout the vehicle. There are around 30 of these bright, orange screens, ranging from door or hatch opening indicators to warnings about checking the transmission or the airbag system for possible malfunctions. A full listing of warning screens can be found in your Insight Owner’s Manual.

Maintenance Minder

The Maintenance Minder system monitors several areas of vehicle wear to determine when the Insight will require maintenance. The system then informs the driver through the MID. For example, engine sensors analyze the car’s driving conditions to determine when an oil change is recommended. If there has been a lot of stop-and-go traffic, the system might suggest more frequent oil changes than if the majority of miles were at freeway-cruising speeds. Other maintenance items are tracked strictly on a mileage basis. Maintenance Minder monitors the miles between changes of the air filter, transmission fluid, spark plugs and coolant, as well as tire rotations.

Three types of messages appear on the display:

  • "Service Due Soon"
  • "Service Due Now"
  • "Service Past Due"

These displays are accompanied by a code of a letter and/or one or more numbers. Refer to your Insight Owner’s Manual for a list of code definitions.

Adjusting Vehicle Settings

You can set your personal preferences for three key areas of the Insight by using the following MID settings:

  • Meter Setup –
    Including language selection, how you want the A trip meter reset, choosing distance readings in miles or km, and a shut-off for the Ambient MeterLighting
  • Lighting Setup –
    Changes how long (in seconds) the interior lights stay on after you close the doors
  • Door-Lock Setup –
    Set when or if you want the doors to automatically lock or unlock, whether you want the lights to flash when locking or unlocking with the remote, and adjust the timing of the security relock system

To begin the process of adjusting vehicle settings, press and hold either INFO button until the Customizing Menu appears.

Bluetooth® display (EX without Navigation)

When you receive an incoming call, a notification and the phone number will appear in the MID. Some phones will enable the MID to display signal strength, battery level, and roaming status (for more information, view the Bluetooth® video).

Content may not apply to all models. Consult your owner's manual for specific information about your vehicle.