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Hard Disk Drive

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HDD/Song By Voice/Gracenote

Odyssey models equipped with the new hard disc drive (HDD) navigation system feature the ability to store up to 15 GB of music or approximately 3,500 songs. Music stored in the HDD must first be downloaded from an originally recorded CD. Once stored, you can search the HDD library by Album, Artist, Track, Playlist, Genre, or Album Record Date. The Song By Voice feature enables owners to access specific songs, artists, albums, playlists, or even genres stored on either the hard disc drive or a compatible iPod with simple voice commands. The following demonstration will show you how to access the hard disc drive and perform the most popular audio functions. For more detailed information, please refer to the Technology Reference Guide or Owner's Manual.

To keep song information current, owners are offered four free online updates a year to the Gracenote database. Please click here to obtain the latest Gracenote database.

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