Connecting and Operating an iPod or USB Flash Drive

Odyssey EX-L features a USB audio interface that operates iPods and other USB storage devices (flash drive) with the same controls used for the disc player through the audio system. The USB connector is located in the glove box. Notice that the glove box features a handy compartment to place your iPod or flash drive while in use.

Easy Steps to Play an iPod® or USB Flash Drive

  1. Turn the ignition switch to the ACCESSORY (I) or ON (II) position.
  2. Open the glove box and pull out the USB adapter cable. If you have an iPod, connect your dock connector to the iPod correctly and securely.
  3. Install the iPod dock connector or flash drive to the USB adapter cable securely.
  4. Press the USB/AUX button until the USB icon or iPod image appears on the audio display. If the USB indicator does not appear, check the connections and reconnect the device.

Please note: The iPod display will show album cover art of the current track if stored in the iPod. The iPod will also be charged as long as the ignition is in the ACCESSORY or ON positions.

If the audio system still does not recognize an iPod, the iPod may need to be reset. Follow the instructions that came with your iPod, or you can find reset instructions online at www.apple.com/ipod . The audio system only reads and plays sound files stored on the iPod with iTunes. The system cannot operate an iPod as a mass storage device. Use only compatible iPods with the latest software. iPods compatible with your audio system using the USB adapter cable are:

iPod/USB Do's and Don'ts

  • Do not connect an iPod or flash drive using a HUB.
  • Do not keep the iPod or flash drive in the vehicle. Direct sunlight and high heat will damage it.
  • Do not use an extension cable between the USB adapter cable equipped with your vehicle and your dock connector.
  • Do back up your data before playing it. Some devices cannot be powered by a USB adapter cable or charged via the USB adapter. If this is the case, use the accessory adapter to supply power to your device.

To Change or Select Tracks

To play, pause, and change tracks, use the Play/Pause button and Skip Bar just as you would for a CD. Each time you press and release the right side of the SKIP bar or button, the system skips forward to the beginning of the next track. Press and release the left side to skip to the beginning of the current track or press repeatedly to skip to earlier tracks.

To move rapidly within a track, press and hold either side of the SKIP bar. Turning the selector knob to the right or the left also changes the track.

To Select a Track from an iPod Menu

You can also select a track from any list on the Odyssey's iPod menu--playlists, artists, albums, songs, genres, or composers--by using the selector knob. Push the selector knob (ENTER) to switch the display to an iPod menu, and then turn the selector knob to select a desired list and press ENTER to set your selection.

Play Mode Options

To select how you would like your device to play or repeat tracks, press the SETUP button and turn the selector knob to "Play Mode" and press the knob for "Enter." The options differ slightly between iPod and flash drive:

iPod play modes

  • Normal Play – Plays all tracks in the order listed in the iPod.
  • Repeat One Track – Continues to play a track.
  • Shuffle All – Plays all tracks within a list (artists, albums, etc…) in random order.
  • Shuffle Repeat – When the system finishes playing the shuffle all feature, it will repeat play the songs in the same shuffled order.
  • Shuffle Albums – Plays all available albums in a selected list (playlists, artists, albums, songs, and genres) in random order.
  • Shuffle Albums Repeat – When the system finishes playing the shuffle album feature, it will repeat playing the albums in the same order.

USB flash drive play modes

  • Normal Play – Plays all tracks in the order listed in the drive.
  • Repeat One Track – Continues to play a single track.
  • Random All – Plays all tracks within a list (artists, albums, etc…) in a random order.
  • Random Repeat – When the system finishes playing the Random All feature, it will repeat playing the songs in the same order.

Disconnecting an iPod

You can disconnect the iPod at any time when you see the "OK to disconnect" message in the iPod display. If you reconnect the same iPod, the system may begin playing where it left off, depending on what mode the iPod is in when it is reconnected.

Disconnecting a USB Flash Drive

You can disconnect the USB flash memory device at any. Always follow the USB flash memory device's instructions when you remove it.

*iPod and iTunes are registered trademarks owned by Apple Inc.

Content may not apply to all models. Consult your owner's manual for specific information about your vehicle.