Your Pilot model allows you to make and receive calls while keeping your hands on the wheel by using Bluetooth technology and the HandsFree profile with the audio system and your mobile phone. All of this can be done without ever having to handle your phone as long as it's turned on and somewhere in the vehicle. The system is easy to operate using voice commands and can be paired with up to six different phones. Depending on your phone, the system can import and store up to 1000 contacts and 10,000 numbers.

For more detailed information on your HandsFreeLink system, please visit .

Phone Pairing

Each phone will have its own pairing process. You can view the pairing instructions for your phone-and print them out-at . You can also call the HandsFreeLink help center at 888-528-7876 for information on how to pair your phone to the system. See your Technology Reference Guide or Pilot Owner's Manual for additional details.

Making and Receiving Calls

To use the HandsFreeLink system, turn the vehicle's ignition to ON, turn on your phone-with Bluetooth enabled-and place it anywhere inside the vehicle. Wait for the phone link icon to appear on the center display. Then press and release the HandsFreeLink Pick Up button. After the beep, say "Call" or "Dial," followed by the phone number. Or choose one that you've stored in the HandsFreeLink phonebook by saying "Call" or "Dial," followed by the phonebook entry name. For more details on using the Bluetooth HandsFreeLink system, please watch the video or see your Technology Reference Guide or Pilot Owner's Manual.

Content may not apply to all models. Consult your owner's manual for specific information about your vehicle.