HondaLink® SMS Text Message & Email Functions

HondaLink® Short Message System (SMS) Text Message & Email Functions

My phone is paired and is fully-compatible with the SMS and email feature, but I still don’t receive any messages.
Some phones have a MAP setting in the Bluetooth® menu. Make sure the feature is enabled.
Can I change the preset messages?
The preset messages are set to reduce potential driver distraction and cannot be changed.
Can I turn off the messages so they don’t pop up?
Yes, in the phone setting screen you can turn off the message notification. To completely turn off the SMS functionality you must turn off the MAP setting on your phone.
I want to send a text or email to someone in my phonebook while driving. How can I do that?
The SMS and email feature only allows you to respond to messages already received. It is also possible to call the person that sent the text or email and avoid sending any messages while driving. Remember, many state laws prohibit using a hand-held device to send messages while driving.
I have a phone that receives texts but I can’t respond.
Your phone may not be compatible with the SMS Text Message Function, and that may be why you cannot reply. Check the HandsFreeLink® website for phone compatibility.
Sometimes my text messages don’t display the sender’s information. Why?
The HandsFreeLink system will match the phone number from the received text message to the imported phonebook and display the corresponding contact name. If no match can be made, only the phone number will be displayed.

Note: The cellular phone must send the phone number to the HandsFreeLink system. If the phone does not send the information, the sender’s information will not be displayed and the text message cannot be replied to.
Can the messages be read in another language?
Yes, you must have the Navigation system language set to either Spanish or French in order for the messages to be read in that language.
What happens if a message is sent from an unrecognized language?
It will depend on the language. If the words are spelled using English characters, the system will try to read the characters. If the language uses unrecognized characters such as Japanese, it will respond with “Your message cannot be read.”

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