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The Insight is equipped with a sophisticated six-airbag system, which includes two front and two front side airbags, as well as two side curtain airbags that provide coverage for the front and rear seats. Advanced sensors and inflator systems are designed so that the airbags deploy at the right time with the appropriate force. The front airbags are equipped with two-stage inflators, which allow the timing and strength of airbag deployment to vary, depending on conditions.

The Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS) uses sensors in the front passenger seatback to determine the height and position of the passenger and will deactivate the side airbag if a child or small-statured adult leans into the side airbag deployment path. In a side impact, side curtain airbags deploy downward from just above the doorframes on the impacted side to help protect both front and rear seat occupants.

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