SiriusXM® Radio

Playing SiriusXM® Radio

Odyssey EX-L models and above are capable of receiving SiriusXM Radio* anywhere in the United States and Canada, except Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. To listen to SiriusXM Radio, turn the ignition switch to the ACCESSORY (I) or ON (II) position, and press the SiriusXM button. The system will play your last SiriusXM station selection. Each time you press the SiriusXM button, the band will change between SiriusXM1 and SiriusXM 2 bands, each containing their own set of six preset stations. Push the AUDIO button to display SiriusXM information on the screen. You can operate the SiriusXM radio system with the conventional radio controls and the selector knob.

Channel and Category Mode

You can choose among SiriusXM stations in either Channel or Category mode. In Channel mode, you can select all available channels. In Category mode, you can select all channels within a category, such as Jazz, Rock, Classical, etc. To switch between category mode and channel mode, press MENU and rotate the selector knob to SiriusXM Tune Mode.

You may experience periods when SiriusXM Radio does not transmit the artist’s name and song title information. If this happens, there is nothing wrong with your system.

Channel Selection

Use the touch-screen controls to change channel selections. In category mode, you can only select channels within that category.

Category Selection

Use the touch-screen controls to select another category.


The SCAN function gives you a sampling of all channels while in the channel mode. In the category mode, only the stations within that category are scanned. To activate, select More on the touch-screen, then select Scan.

Channel Presets

You can store up to 12 preset channels using the six preset buttons. Each button stores one channel from the SiriusXM 1 band and one channel from the SiriusXM 2 band.

To store a channel: Press the SiriusXM button. Either SiriusXM 1 or SiriusXM 2 will show in the display. Use the touch-screen to tune to a desired channel. Select More on the touch-screen, and select Save Preset. Select the preset number where you want to store the channel. Repeat to store the first six channels.

* SiriusXM is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Radio, Inc. and SiriusXM CANADA is a registered business name of Canadian Satellite Radio Inc.

Content may not apply to all models. Consult your owner's manual for specific information about your vehicle.