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Pandora® Compatibility

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2014 Civic shown for demonstration purposes.

Pandora® Compatibility

Your vehicle has the ability to operate the Pandora®[1] mobile music application on select smartphones through the vehicle’s audio system. When the phone is connected and the app is selected, you can display track information on the center screen, select from your station list, pause, skip, bookmark, and "like" or "dislike" songs, and even create new stations. For select iPhones[2], the optimal connection is through the USB Audio Interface, which lets you recharge your iPhone at the same time. With all phones, your wireless carrier’s rate plans apply when connected to Pandora®. Go to to check for phone compatibility.

[1] Pandora®, the Pandora® logo and the Pandora® trade dress are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pandora® Media, Inc. Used with permission. Compatible with select smartphones. See: Not all devices compatible with USB connection. Your wireless carrier's rate plans apply.

[2] iPhone® is not included. iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple® Inc.

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